Experiments in Aesthetics and Politics

Winnie Wong’s “Sub-Authentica”: The Liquidation of Authorship in Science and Pop Music
Carpooling Theory by 2024 MA Cohort
THE WORLD’S A MESS: The Structuralism of Punk’s Anti-Structural Politics
In response to Rachel Garfield’s Introduction to “Experimental Filmmaking and Punk: Feminist Audio Visual Culture in the 1970s and 1980s” – Amy, Jackie, Shu, Tabitha
On the Concept of the Political in AI-Generated Art
Feminine Failures: The Radical Possibilities of Punk’s Subversion of Gender and Capital
Image Associations: In response to Rachel Garfield’s Introduction to “Experimental Filmmaking and Punk: Feminist Audio Visual Culture in the 1970s and 1980s”
The Paint Tube to Warhol: the Valuing of Art in the Mechanical Age
Sonic Resistance: displays of sound in the work of Lawrence Abu Hamdan as read through Shana L. Redmond’s 2020 “Everything Man: The Form and Function of Paul Robeson”
Recalling the Experimental Workshop
Gabriel Rockhill and Foucault: Through and Beyond Historicism
The Poetic Mundane in Hale County This Morning, This Evening
being lively; historical singing
Body, Meat, and Censorship: The Art of Dismembering the Idea of a Human
Back to Future: Cuban Rectification Art and Chinese Avant-Garde in the 80s
The Novel as Thought Experiment
The Post-Postmodern Condition
Elude Hard
Documenting AIDS
Theresa Cha: Identification and Disidentification
Dictation on the Fringes of “Dictee”
Intergalactix: Building a United Federation of Planets… Curatorially
The Game of the Real: A Course Syllabus on NFTs as New Media (Proposal)
Drag King Workshop: Queer Anarcha-Feminist Practice
Nowhere to Fall: Larval Warfare and the GIF Novel
Dolls Against Dominion!: Anarchafeminism and Plurality of the Woman in Relation to Queerness/Transness
DOXA Chronology of Events
Object Cemetery: Exhibition Conventions and Covid-19
sentient flesh event flyer with dates and times found in longer post
Sentient Flesh: A Mini-Conference with R.A. Judy
Photo portrait of McKenzie Wark, a white woman set against a red background.
Theorist in Residence: McKenzie Wark
Terms of Service and Protection
Countervisualizing the Anthropocene
CTRL: the Carceral Technologies Reading List
How to Avoid Kettling: Line Dance as Protest
Who Are You Looking For?
Tabulating Visuality: Data and the Criminalized Subject
Stop LAPD Spying Coalition with Ken Ehrlich at WHAP! Fri, Nov 20th
Cover image “FTP FOR THE KIDS” by @bbyanarchists on Instagram
“If you are doing nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide.”
WHAP! Series: A&P Alum Linette Warren in conversation with Calvin L. Warren, 11/6
WHAP! Series: Calvin L. Warren on “Being Blacked Out/Blacking Out Being: Nihilistic Considerations” on 11/6
Shallow Aesthetics: (Re)Production and Social Media
Aria Dean Joins WHAP! Series: “Black Out” on 10/23
WHAP! Series: “Black Out” Showcases Nicholas Mirzoeff (NYU) on 10/23
Recent Alums Promo Image
Streamed Event: Recent MA Thesis Presentations
Rivera Title Image
Video: To See or Not to See
Streamed Event: China: Theory, Practice, Embodiment, Extension
The Sneaker That Got Away: Chasing Identity $$
Locating the Feminine in Male-dominated Social scenes
On a Chinese Notion of Pleasure, or Not
Geographies and Temporalities of Pleasure: An Action Poem Prompt
Reading Two Lives (Video Essay)
“Ok !! RANT !” King Lear and the Hermeneutics of Ranting
Off To The Trauma Factory: Thor, and The Psychological Effects of Content Moderation
Lissssstening to Soul
Hobnobing with Boots Riley and Sarah T. Roberts Over Arnold Palmers in Temescal
Pettman and Noc: Human and Nonhuman
Midsommar, character Dani (Florence Pugh) sadly looks on while adorning a floral dress
Exploring Alternative Politics in the New Millennium
Metis and Lain
On Colonial Ancestors and Jack Bratich’s “Making, Faking, Abolishing: Necro-Populism, Downsurgency and Wars of Restoration”
GRWM: What About Clothes? On Jack Bratich, Fashwave, Hipsters
Argentina, The Alt-Right, and The Green Wave
Racial Empathy, Entanglement, and Virtual Reality
On J. Butler’s Exploration of Mourning through D. Salcedo’s Works of Art
Against Robotskin
Beyond the Flicker
The Image, The Archive, Animals and The “Human”
Keeling on Betrayal and Diversity
Soft Science Fiction
Ebb and Flow of Parametricism: Urban Space as a Challenge of Design and Infrastructure
Errant Feminisms: Kara Keeling’s Reading of Two Pop Songs
Fictions of Justice: The Role of Critique after Legislative Crisis
Disassembly Required: Afropessimism & The Limits of a Performative Theory of Assembly
Putting Pain on the Map: Ronak Kapadia and the Queer Calculus of Wafaa Bilal