Experiments in Aesthetics and Politics


Carpooling Theory by 2024 MA Cohort
Feminine Failures: The Radical Possibilities of Punk’s Subversion of Gender and Capital
Image Associations: In response to Rachel Garfield’s Introduction to “Experimental Filmmaking and Punk: Feminist Audio Visual Culture in the 1970s and 1980s”
Gabriel Rockhill and Foucault: Through and Beyond Historicism
Body, Meat, and Censorship: The Art of Dismembering the Idea of a Human
Dictation on the Fringes of “Dictee”
DOXA Chronology of Events
Object Cemetery: Exhibition Conventions and Covid-19
sentient flesh event flyer with dates and times found in longer post
Sentient Flesh: A Mini-Conference with R.A. Judy
Streamed Event: China: Theory, Practice, Embodiment, Extension