Experiments in Aesthetics and Politics


The Paint Tube to Warhol: the Valuing of Art in the Mechanical Age
The Poetic Mundane in Hale County This Morning, This Evening
being lively; historical singing
Back to Future: Cuban Rectification Art and Chinese Avant-Garde in the 80s
How to Avoid Kettling: Line Dance as Protest
WHAP! Series: Calvin L. Warren on “Being Blacked Out/Blacking Out Being: Nihilistic Considerations” on 11/6
WHAP! Series: “Black Out” Showcases Nicholas Mirzoeff (NYU) on 10/23
Lissssstening to Soul
Midsommar, character Dani (Florence Pugh) sadly looks on while adorning a floral dress
Exploring Alternative Politics in the New Millennium