Experiments in Aesthetics and Politics

Maisa Imamović

Writer and web designer/developer interested in building hybrid publishing formats and collectively built interfaces. In her research, she critically studies the role of a single user and user behaviors generated by code. Maisa has written code in collaboration with artists and collectives including Hackers&Designers, Ali Eslami, Marlies van Hak, VEIN Agency, CalArts, Eastern Neighbors Film Festival, and was published in Kajet, Simulacrum, Forum, TAAK, Real Review, NXS World, Metropolis M, and Other Worlds. She is a part of two self-organized collectives: in Amsterdam and RIP SPACE in Los Angeles. Her first book was published by the Institute of Network Cultures in 2022. Since 2019, Maisa has worked as a self-employed web designer + developer, and senior researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures at the Amsterdam University of Applied Arts.

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