DOXA Chronology of Events


January 22. Publication of the video “They can’t beat youth”

January 26. The RCN has banned the video at the request of Rosmolodezh
Roskomnadzor has entered the register of prohibited information and demands to delete the video message of the editorial board of the DOXA magazine with an appeal not to be afraid of the threat of expulsion for participating in the rally from the university administration. The document we received from Roskomnadzor states that the video allegedly contains “inducement or other involvement of minors in committing illegal actions that pose a threat to their life and health.”

On January 26, DOXA received a notification from Roskomnadzor. It said that Rosmolodezh complained about the video to the editors, because it allegedly violates Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code because of ” calls to participate in unauthorized public events.”

January 26. Invasion of bots in VK under posts about blocking

January 26. Uploaded a replacement video

March 1. Doxa sued the RCN

April 14

General online (facts from there, unless another link is provided):

06:30. Searches at Aramyan, Gutnikova, Tyszkiewicz, Metelkin

09: 13. Searches in the editorial office (+ see 16:35)

9:16. According to the security forces, Natasha Tyshkevich is accused under Article 151.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Involving a minor in committing acts that pose a danger to the life of a minor”).

10:28. Armen’s family’s phones were taken away, and his younger sister’s laptop was taken away (+ see 15:56).

11:07. Two phones and a laptop were seized from Alla Gutnikova.

11:19. All four detained editors and editors were taken to the UK.

11:49. All the detained editors will be charged under 151.2 of the Criminal Code. The election of a preventive measure will take place today in the Basmanny Court.

12: 33. Natasha Tyshkevich, Vladimir Metelkin and Armen Aramyan are also asked to impose a ban on certain actions. The information is published on the court’s website.

The criminal case against the editorial office of DOXA is the same as the one against Leonid Volkov.

14:22. The Basmanny Court began picketing in support of DOXA.

15: 56. DOXA it became known that 5 phones and 1 laptop were seized from Armen Aramyan’s family during the morning search.

16: 04. MBH-media writes that about 200 people gathered at the Basmanny Court building.

16:35. DOXA editor Tanya Kolobakina was threatened with Article 139 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Violation of the inviolability of the home”) this morning when she asked the investigator if it was possible to go to the office.

16: 58. The editors of DOXA refused to give evidence under Article 51 of the Constitution, the interrogation will take place tomorrow in the UK at 9 am.

17:04. In the materials of the case against the editors of DOXA, there are testimonies of teenagers, but none of them watched the video banned by Roskomnazor, Novaya Gazeta quotes the words of lawyer Dmitry Zapravatov.

17:53. The press secretary of the Higher School of Economics, Andrey Lavrov, commented on the detention of DOXA editors and editors by saying: “What do we have to do with it? We very much ask for your participation.” Alla Gutnikova is a student at the Higher School of Economics, and Natasha Tyshkevich and Armen Aramyan are graduates. Until December 2019, DOXA was a student organization of the Higher School of Economics.

17: 57. DOXA editors Armen Aramyan and Vladimir Metelkin were led into the courthouse with their hands clasped behind their backs and their heads bent to the asphalt. (at 14: 40 approximately)

18:49. Students and activists formed a chain of solidarity along the Basmanny District Court building.

19: 30. Prohibition of certain actions for Metelkin until June 14. The investigator’s request was granted: the ban to leave the house from 23: 59 to midnight from the residential premises, to communicate without the written permission of the investigator with other persons other than a lawyer, as well as to use any means of communication, including the Internet.

19:31. In St. Petersburg, single pickets began in support of the student media DOXA.

20:03. In St. Petersburg, a girl was detained, who was standing in a police uniform in a picket in support of DOXA.

20: 30. Alla Gutnikova was assigned a ban on certain actions until June 14. She is not allowed to leave the house from 00: 00 to 23: 59 and use the Internet.

21: 01. ” The University will do everything necessary to ensure that the student Alla Gutnikova, taking into account the preventive measure chosen for her, has the opportunity to complete her studies in the 4th year of the bachelor’s degree. We proceed from the presumption of innocence and wait for the court’s decision, ” the HSE commented on today’s court decision.

21:30. Armen Aramyan was banned from certain actions. He is not allowed to leave the house from 00: 00 to 23: 59 and use the Internet.

21:43. Tomorrow, April 15, at 11:00, Armen has investigative actions in the UK, our correspondent reports.

21:46. Tomorrow, April 15, at 12:00, Natasha Tyszkiewicz will be questioned.

22:00. Natasha Tyszkiewicz was banned from certain actions. She is not allowed to leave the house from 00: 00 to 23: 59 and use the Internet.

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