Stop LAPD Spying Coalition with Ken Ehrlich at WHAP! Fri, Nov 20th

On November 20th, the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition will be joining the The City of West Hollywood and the CalArts MA in Aesthetics and Politics WHAP! Series “Black Out,” speaking on “Abolishing the Stalker State.” They will be joined by Ken Ehrlich an artist who is also on the faculty of Critical Studies at CalArts.

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is a Skid Row-based community alliance. It was created in response to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Special Order 11, which authorizes LAPD officers to gather intelligence on non-criminal behavior. The coalition has since launched campaigns against LAPD’s various surveillance programs including mathwashing crime data, digital tools that aid gentrification, the use of drones, its war on youth, and faux-oversight bureaucracy. The coalition recently helped defeat LASER Zones, which deemed black and brown areas and communities criminal because of patterns in data, and its Predictive Policing program (PredPol), which further targeted communities before crimes even occurred. They are part of the recent wave of abolitionist groups that reject all forms of police oppression and any policy that marks whole communities as suspect in the eyes of the State.

Key readings and zines by the Stop LAPD Spying coalition are available below, along with their most recent webinar series on the Police State, Elections, and the War on Youth. Catch WHAP! on Youtube, Fridays at 4:30 PDT, at

Other webinars available on the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition YouTube channel.

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